My girlfriend makes wild sexual parties with animals

  • 2 months ago
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My girlfriend organizes sexual parties where enter zoophilia, to demonstrate to all our friends how fantastic it is and the pleasure that fucks animals

I have a girlfriend who is very liberal, so much that she is always open to any new experience in sex, the last thing she has tried is bestiality, many may seem like something very hardcore to her, but for my girl it’s a way like any other enjoy sex, and whenever it is done with tact and delicacy everything will be fine.

To teach both our friends and myself as is the zoophilia she practices with dogs, organized a sexual party where they also had the animals, of course all dogs, and she herself disguised as a dog for such an occasion, first a little music and alcohol to break the ice, and when we were all at ease, my girlfriend began to do intercourse with a dog in front of all the guests, she was in her femaledog costume and had that pooch mounted on top of her penetrating him the vagina as she rolled her eyes and moaned. It was something really fantastic.